Website Created by J. Mitchell, S. Gilbert, N. Friberg, & A. Morris

Terms for Reference:

Feed: brain implant that allows a person to connect to other feed users and use a futuristic version of the internet with instant messaging and advertisements. The individual can also relay sensory information, whereby other people can feel what that person feels, and transmit memories. All of these features are because the feed is incorporated into the limbic system (involving the different hemispheres of the brain). (p.3-298)

Null: boring, dull, empty. (p.3)

Lo-grav: short for low gravity. (p.11)
Big: good or exciting. (p.2)
Unit: (similar to dude) pronoun for a guy. (p.4)
Unette: (similar to dudette) pronoun for a girl. (p.5)
Youch: (referencing girls) an attractive individual. (p.5)
Meg: very or extremely. (p.9)
Bonesprocket: similar to “bonehead” or a “killjoy.”
Mal: (short for malfunction) a term used for getting high electronically, similar to     marijuana. (p.147)
Flat-lining: boring or being bored, similar to the medical term for dead or dying.
Freestyle: natural birth without assistive technology.
Conceptionarium: a place where children are grown outside of the womb.
Bannered: being bombarded with advertisements and new feeds. (p.8)
Banquet: an abundance of something (shame banquet).
M-chatting: chatting using the feed.
Lesions: abnormal change in the structure of an organ due to injury or disease. (can be found on the surface of the skin.) (p.11)
Limp: uncool or unexciting. (p.12)
Dadada: blah blah blah. (p.18)
Omigod: text speak for “Oh my god.” (p.21)
Suppuration: discharge of pus. (p.23)
Major System Error: big problem.
Brag: awesome or cool.
Intercrural: having to do with sex. (p.127)
Girlf: short for girl friend.

Vocabulary: All definitions can be found at

Cache: a hiding place, especially one in the ground, for ammunition,food, treasures, etc. (p. 50)

Crystalline: of or like crystal; clear or transparent (p. 9)

Extracted:to get, pull, or draw out, usually with special effort, skill, or force (p. 18)

Neuron: cells in the brain or brain stem that send impulses from the senses to the brain

Pretentious: characterized by assumption of dignity or importance (p. 66).

Stimulus: something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action,feeling, thought,etc.  (p. 9)

Engaging Students:

Students will each be individually responsible for writing,in a notebook, uncommon words or interesting words they encounter while reading. While Feed contains many new words in the form of the futuristic slang of the youth, there are several
others that students will encounter and wish to know the definitions to provide them with a
fuller understanding of concepts contained in the novel, such as knowledge of the brain
structure, how the body’s senses communicate with the brain, as well as other medical terms
that help flesh out the novel. Such words can be posted throughout the room with pictures to
reinforce word meaning. These posters can be created once a week by the students, using markers
colored pencils, crayons, pens, etc. This is to create a celebration of the language, as well as
to remind students of the power of descriptive language.


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